A medical learner who wishes to take an elective under the supervision of a University of Toronto postgraduate program director/training program must provide the pertinent information and submit the following documentation using this website:

  1. Medical School Diploma (MD)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Immunization Record
  4. Proof of Status (ie. citizenship, etc)
  5. VSS or Attestation

Once all this information has been provided in the website, the elective can be submitted for approval. Upon approval, a Letter of Appointment (LOA) will be issued to the Learner by the PGME office. This letter must be signed by the Learner and returned to the PGME Office. A copy will be forwarded to the CPSO.

Along with the LOA, the Learner will receive a PIN/password letter. Using the PIN/Password, the Trainee will be able to register on-line at the PGME website, at, and print off his/her Confirmation of Registration form � provided all the information noted above has been received. The Confirmation of Registration form will allow the trainee to register at the appropriate hospital Credentials/Medical Education Office in Toronto and access library services.

Note: PGME Office will access certification of MD and PG license data through CPSO website.